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Like what you hear, but can't find what you want?
Commission your own Arrangement

About Commissions

Kingfisher Music can only accept commissions for works that are in the Public Domain.

The Staff Arranger, Stephen C Barnwell, undertakes all commissions accepted by Kingfisher Music unless otherwise stated in advance.

The timeframe for completion is within three months from the Commissioning Date.

The prices for Commissions, unless otherwise stated in the initial correspondence, are:


  • Brass Band - £100

  • Concert Band - £150

  • Symphonic Wind Band - £200

Those making a Commission receive:


  • A Full Score and Set of Parts within three months of making the Commission.

  • Full recognition of the Commission with the details printed on the Title Page of the Score.

  • The right to premiere the resulting work within a period of six months from the date of completion of the Commission (this period of time is open to negotiation).

Kingfisher Music will retain full ownership of the Copyright for all completed Commissions.


After the premiere Kingfisher Music will publish the Commissioned Work.


The Commissioned work will then go on general sale and become part of the Kingfisher Music catalogue.


The published work will continue to display the full details of the original Commission on the title page for all sales of the published work.

1.  Click on "Make an initial enquiry" below or use the Contact Form to make an initial enquiry.


2.  Complete the form giving details of:


  • The work you would like to Commission an Arrangement of.

  • The type of band you would like your Commissioned Work to be arranged for.

  • The name of the Band making the Commission (where applicable).

  • Include any specific requirements (time frame for completion etc.).


Please note: Commissions can only be accepted for works that are in the Public Domain and are Free From Copyright.


3.         You will receive a response from Kingfisher Music confirming whether it is able to accept the Commission or not.


4.         If you wish to go ahead and make the Commission formal, navigate to the "Commission an Arrangement" page, click on the relevant image and then make your payment for the Commission.


5.         You will receive final confirmation that your payment has been received and that the Commission has been formally accepted.


What do I get for my money?

Terms and Conditions

How to Commission an Arrangement

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